Pun intended. 

However I am annoyed- I went to the endocrinologist today and i’m basically fed up with all of this lab work. It’s been weeks since I’ve slept because I have to pee all the freakin time, so I get maybe 2 hours (3 if i’m lucky) then I get up to use the bathroom, it takes me like 30min to fall back asleep and 2 hours later i’m up so I get approximately 4 hours of actual sleep a night. It’s a blast. So therefore my head hurts from being so exhausted, my stomach is all in a knot and it’s just not a good situation. I’m afraid of getting fired for having to leave work so many days for appointments (between lab tests, my toes, and my eyes it’s a lot), which doesn’t help my stomach, my sleep or my general mood. 

When I got an actual hopeful diagnosis I was so excited, they could have told me I had prostate cancer and I would have gone with it! Now I get to the doctor today and she tells me the test that hinted at diabetes insipidus wasn’t a very good one to use as a diagnostic tool so she wants to do another one, and she gave me these two huge jugs I have to pee in for 24 hours then drop them off next monday morning, which of course will make me late to work. I also have to go back in the wednesday after that for a follow-up, meaning OF COURSE I have to leave work early. I might just message them and say I can’t thought, because really if they can’t use the 500 tests that are on my record as baseline blood panels then I don’t care anymore. 

This poor woman is the straw on this thirsty camels back and she has no idea how dangerously close to flipping out on her I am. Sorry Dr. Ahkter- things are about to get a little interesting. F your pee jugs. 




About Erin Goes Blah- I rant forever

Ever heard of Erin Go Brah? The horse obviously, not the saying! I'm him, in human form but slightly less successful and well known. Perhaps you've also heard of a man named William Shakespeare? In "A mid-summer nights dream" he says, "though she be but little, she is fierce" in reference to Hermia...I have a little bit of that in my mix too. I'm a 26-year-old big kid with occasional adult tendencies just trying to figure out my place in life. Chronically single and exhausted I am the keeper of two jobs and three pets. With approximately 2 hours of free time per day, ​I tend to use it relaxing- leading to much musings and wonderment. I plan on using this blog to reach out to others, and to my inner conscience to better understand my odd habits and talk myself out of them. I hope to bring attention to those in eating disorder recovery, by being open about my hardships and hurdles. I'm weird, silly and looking for someone to share the love with :)
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