Lost in Juxtaposition.

Hey there!

I failed at updating after my last post huh? Sorry 😦 Don’t hate me. I’ve had a pretty good week though- does that make it better?

Sunday was pretty normal (work, cleaning, boxing etc), and surprisingly I didn’t do a whole bunch with my day off on Monday…I rode EZ and afterwards just did some more house work and went to my parents house for the afternoon. My dad and I worked through some potential income scenarios for Zoomies and I felt a little better about the break-even amount to start out with. The rest of the week was so-so, I talked to my old strength coach about some tips he has for opening a small business (since he did it, duh)on Tuesday evening- so I also have him in my corner :). Unfortunately the person I was hoping would be moving in this month isn’t able to, so I’m back to square one on that front. I got a promising lead today, but I’m not saying anything until she’s in the process of moving so I stop jinxing myself! Let’s see- jump ahead to the weekend since nothing super incredible was happening this week. I worked the nurse shift yesterday- and I was planning on just sticking around while my car was inspected after that but they said it was gonna be like 1-1.5 hrs so I called my sister and her and my mom picked me up 😀 hehe. Mainly because I was in scrubs, had Rowena, and had a scheduled 3:30 meeting with Jennifer to go tour a potential lease property. So they took me back to get my car around 3 and Jamie and I went to go look at the place. I was less than impressed, so that’s the end of that lead! Then we went to petsmart and got Rowena a new purple collar and leash set 🙂 She has an incredibly large neck. Today I did more of the Sunday routine- worked both shifts, went to boxing and cleaned a lot. Plus did some weeding (PS I have actual grass growing in the back yard and it excites me!).

There were a lot of random rants I was planning on posting about over the past few days (for example, today I would have written earlier about people that take selfies of themselves at the Gym. What the heck is that about anyway- work out and stop taking pictures and maybe you’d get stronger faster. duhhhhh! And then I was gonna write about how it makes me sad that a lot of my friends are married and have no desire to have the kiddies- while I’m desperate for motherhood and still hangin out at the lunch table in the corner next to the trash can all by myself. I have NOTHING against them being married, or their decision not to have kids for that matter, it just sucks. poor me. Ummm yes. Okay hopefully I’ll actually be more diligent in the future and write real posts when I have the urge to.



About Erin Goes Blah- I rant forever

Ever heard of Erin Go Brah? The horse obviously, not the saying! I'm him, in human form but slightly less successful and well known. Perhaps you've also heard of a man named William Shakespeare? In "A mid-summer nights dream" he says, "though she be but little, she is fierce" in reference to Hermia...I have a little bit of that in my mix too. I'm a 26-year-old big kid with occasional adult tendencies just trying to figure out my place in life. Chronically single and exhausted I am the keeper of two jobs and three pets. With approximately 2 hours of free time per day, ​I tend to use it relaxing- leading to much musings and wonderment. I plan on using this blog to reach out to others, and to my inner conscience to better understand my odd habits and talk myself out of them. I hope to bring attention to those in eating disorder recovery, by being open about my hardships and hurdles. I'm weird, silly and looking for someone to share the love with :)
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