blahggity blah

Hey there everybody!

First I’d like to thank anybody that’s reading this and tell you I appreciate giving me a few minutes of your life- it blows my mind that you’d actually read the weird stuff coming out of my fingers via my brain waves.

Having said that let’s talk about the past few days!

Saturday was pretty hectic at the Vet, but nothing major happened it was just really busy. It was a pretty dreary day-so by the time I left around 2:30 I was really ready for a cozy afternoon. I came home and relaxed for a minute with some lunch and then took Rowena for a nice/chilly walk before I got ready to head over to make dinner with Jamie. She found a recipe from some family podcast she watches that was a quinoa dish so we made that while my parents went out for a double date night with my mom’s childhood friend (cute right?). Jeni stopped by since she was in town from Canada for holiday and I always enjoy seeing her beautimous face 🙂 All in all it was actually a pretty good day and even though I was pretty pooped at the end I’ve definitely had worse! Sunday I worked the morning shift, did my normal jazz before boxing..though I was suuuuper tired so I tried to kind of lay low before I went to class just to preserve as much energy as I could. That turned out to be a lost cause since class was killer! That’s alright though, it’s not like I’m there for a relaxing time…I get my aggression out (turns out there’s a lot in my small self) and leave feeling much better for the most part- besides the being exhausted and noodley. Unfortunately I also had to work the evening shift and the weather decided to try and pour every time I went outside so I only got a short walk in before I had to go. My back was screaming by the time I got home so I made dinner and called it a day with some friends on netflix and my cuddle bugs.

Yesterday I still felt the familiar signs of burn-out approaching but since there’s not really any time for that I’m trying to just power through it and hope that works. At this point I haven’t been to the Chiropractor for about a month and it’s pretty obvious on my pain scale. I did my stuff at work, came home and walked Rowena on our new longer route then put on pjs. I tried doing some stretches and blahblah but there’s only so much I can do for myself. Rowena and I played a new game together though so there’s a plus 😉 Albus was apparently not feeling being cooped up inside recently, even though it’s his fault, so he drove me nuts for most of the night until I finally caved and let him back out at 2am. Today was much better, I felt a little less stiff and had a pretty good day at work with my critters. I’m dreading this temperature plunge coming up, but I have Friday off and I’m seriously considering buying EZ.

my brain is full!

also I have a date tomorrow. eeeeek.


About Erin Goes Blah- I rant forever

Ever heard of Erin Go Brah? The horse obviously, not the saying! I'm him, in human form but slightly less successful and well known. Perhaps you've also heard of a man named William Shakespeare? In "A mid-summer nights dream" he says, "though she be but little, she is fierce" in reference to Hermia...I have a little bit of that in my mix too. I'm a 26-year-old big kid with occasional adult tendencies just trying to figure out my place in life. Chronically single and exhausted I am the keeper of two jobs and three pets. With approximately 2 hours of free time per day, ​I tend to use it relaxing- leading to much musings and wonderment. I plan on using this blog to reach out to others, and to my inner conscience to better understand my odd habits and talk myself out of them. I hope to bring attention to those in eating disorder recovery, by being open about my hardships and hurdles. I'm weird, silly and looking for someone to share the love with :)
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