snug as a junebug in a rug of doom

Hello and welcome to Thursday.

This week is creeping by, akin to creeping jenny or some other similar weedy plant. WEEDY! 😦 I expected it to be a bit of a slap in the face since I was out for 4 days last week but holy toledo. Monday I had to trek down to the hospital and get follow-up labs drawn, but all in all it wasn’t a bad first day back. By the time Tuesday came around I was really tired and headachy, plus it was starting to get super annoying that people were hinting about me taking time off like I didn’t deserve vacation. I’m sorry but I haven’t taken multiple days off in about two years so bite me. SuperSuperduper tired that afternoon so I don’t even think I went for a very long walk. Wednesday morning I went to the chiro to put myself back in line after the water sports of last week and quite enjoyed it. Headache approximately a level 4 at this point and the second day in a row I almost fell asleep driving home. I also scheduled a pre-MRI thing on July 6th, today I finally scheduled the actual MRI for July 10th (At 7:45am- what the what?) So to sum up I’ve been getting increasingly tired, crabby and my head has either started to shrink around my brain or it’s going to explode soon judging by the way it feels. I’ve also repelled approximately the entire male population of the world at this point.

lol so funny


About Erin Goes Blah- I rant forever

Ever heard of Erin Go Brah? The horse obviously, not the saying! I'm him, in human form but slightly less successful and well known. Perhaps you've also heard of a man named William Shakespeare? In "A mid-summer nights dream" he says, "though she be but little, she is fierce" in reference to Hermia...I have a little bit of that in my mix too. I'm a 26-year-old big kid with occasional adult tendencies just trying to figure out my place in life. Chronically single and exhausted I am the keeper of two jobs and three pets. With approximately 2 hours of free time per day, ​I tend to use it relaxing- leading to much musings and wonderment. I plan on using this blog to reach out to others, and to my inner conscience to better understand my odd habits and talk myself out of them. I hope to bring attention to those in eating disorder recovery, by being open about my hardships and hurdles. I'm weird, silly and looking for someone to share the love with :)
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